Skillzy: Crazed Fan

The Skillzy: Crazed Fan challenge is onnnnn.

"I’ve got a challenge for all of you. This weekend the (beloved) Red Sox have a 3-game series in the heart of darkness, (evil) Yankee Stadium. Here’s my pledge:

"For every run that Boston scores in the series, I will donate $5 to my favorite hurricane relief charity, up to $100. For every game that Boston wins I’ll donate another $5, and if they sweep the Evil Empire another $25 goes in, for a potential total of $140."

More on that here. If you're a huge baseball lunatic fan, Skillzy has a place for you over here. If you support anyone but the Red Sox (and ESPECIALLY if you are a 'Spankees' fan) you will likely be mercilessly mocked. You been warned, pal.

Please take a new button:
spiffy button by Crazy Neighbor Lady

...and please also note that the same generous person supplying the button also set us up with our own domain, WOO! We're so close to being Oh Fishull that I may just have to buy a skirt and a mean look. Wait, I already own a mean look.

I got big news yesterday. Stay tuned; I'll post more on that as soon as some things are ironed out.